Hydraulic Cylinders, Electrohydraulic – Parker Series 2HX/3HX Family | Canada

Hydraulic Cylinders, Electrohydraulic – Parker Series 2HX/3HX Family

Heavy Duty Electrohydraulic Cylinders – Series 2HX/3HX, 2HDX/3HDX and 2HBX/3HBX – are engineered for your feedback/control systems with transducer, valve manifold and hydraulic plumbing and are electronically tested to verify required output.

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    Series 2HX/3HX, 2HDX/3HDX and 2HBX/3HBX Electrohydraulic Cylinders are engineered for your feedback / control systems, featuring an integrated assembly that eliminates transducer mounting brackets, valve manifolds, hoses and other items associated with using separate components. The versatility of Series 2HX/3HX, 2HDX/3HDX and 2HBX/3HBX allows you to design an actuator for accurate position and velocity control for your specific application.

    Series 2HX/3HX, 2HDX/3HDX and 2HBX/3HBX Electrohydraulic Actuators are offered with bolt-on or integral manifold and/or position sensing devices with the following choices.

    • Three Feedback Options

    Intellinder™ - Parker proprietary optical reading of an etched piston rod provides absolute position sensing and has the option of redundancy when multiple readers are installed.  Analog output available.

    LDT – Linear displacement transducer is solid state non-contact style that is installed in a hollow piston rod. This design provides absolute position sensing via a movable magnet, mounted to the piston that travels along a magnetostrictive waveguide.  The LDT can either be screwed into the cap of the cylinder or embedded in the cap to permit rear pivot mounting styles.  Analog and digital outputs available.

    LRT – The linear potentiometer is installed in a hollow piston rod and embedded in the cylinder cap. It uses a resistive element and contacting wiper that changes the resistive load proportional to its position along the cylinder stroke.  Analog output only.

    • Electrical output – Both Analog (Voltage, Current) and Digital (Start/Stop, PWM,  SSI, J1939) are available depending on feedback option selected.

    • Two Valve Manifold Options minimize hydraulic line runs with closed cylinder and valve coupling.

    • Bolt-on Manifold – Select from seven standard valve mounting patterns that can be bolted to either the head or cap and do not affect the standard envelope and mounting dimensions of the cylinder.

    • Integral Cap Manifold – Select from four standard valve mounting patterns that can be supplied at position #1 on the cap.  
    Every Series 2HX/3HX, 2HDX/3HDX and 2HBX/3HBX cylinder is individually tested before leaving our plant to assure proper performance with leak free operation and comes with an eighteen month warranty.

    • Industrial
    • Energy
    • Natural Resources
    • Government (Non-Defense)
    • Processing

    • "Jewel" rod gland for increased machine productivity
    • TS2000 Rod Seal in Series 2HX/3HX and Tri-Lip Rod Seal in Series 2HDX/3HDX/2HBX/3HBX for positive no-leak sealing
    • Universal Piston with four seal options for easy in-field seal style change
    • Every cylinder individually tested to assure reliability
    • Eighteen month warranty

    • Energy Production, Development & Service
    • Power Generation
    • Defense
    • Government (Non-Defense)
    • Factory Automation
    • Machine Tools
    • Molding
    • Vehicle Assembly Facilities
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Food & Beverage
    • Industrial Chemical Processing
    • Lumber & Wood
    • Plastic Processing

Performance Characteristics

Meets Certifications

Heavy Duty Service
ANSI (NFPA) T3.6.7R3-2009
Mounting and Specification

Materials of Construction


Nominal pressure


Fluid Type

Hydraulic Oil

Temperature Range (F)

-10° to +165°

Bore Size (inch)

2.00 through 8.00

Rod Diameter (inch)

1.00 through 5.500

Mounting Styles

18 standard styles at
various application ratings


Square Head - Tie Rod Design

Stroke Range

Available in any practical stroke length

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