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CNG On-Boad Fuel Regulation Module

The FM80 is a self-contained, pressure-reducing regulation module designed and qualified for 3600 psig compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicular fuel systems.

    Parker engineers designed the FM80 to maintain an accurate and stable pressure of CNG gas over a large range of inlet pressures and flow rates. Natural gas vehicles use high-pressure cylinders to store CNG. Temperature changes and the consumption of CNG by the vehicle engine changed the pressure presented to the regulator. The regulator delivers low-pressure CNG to the vehicle engine. The volume of gas delivered to the engine changes as the vehicle accelerates slows or encounters hills. The regulator: Reduces pressure from the high-pressure CNG storage tank to a pressure that is appropriate for the vehicle engine. Compensates for the changes of the input (tank side) pressure due to changes in tank volume and operating temperature. Maintains a constant pressure of CNG to the engine during operation.



Service Pressure: 3600 psig (250 bar) or 3000 psig (200 bar),
Boost Pressure: 1:1 Clean Dry Air to Compressed Natural Gas Ratio


12 or 24 VDC systems, 1.5 Amp max draw, Normally closed, two stage


195 +/- 35 psig (13.4 +/- 2.4 bar) (Standard, unless otherwise specified)
Type: Reseatable


-20 psi to + 0 psi (-1.38 bar to +0 bar) from labeled setting throughout the range of operating inlet pressure, temperature, and gas flow.Factory Preset: 25-140 psig (1.72-9.65 bar)Device is factory preset at 250 psig (17.24 bar) inlet pressure and 2.2 lb/hr (1 kg/hr) methane


Varies by Sensor Manufacturer

最大動作圧力 (psig)

150 psig (10.3 bar) Under normal operating conditions


Up to 176 lb/hr (80 kg/hr) of CNG (Flow varies by application – consult the factory for data)

CE 認定

ANSI/NGV 3.1- Certified
UNECE R110 - Approvals in Progress
ISO 15500 - Approvals in Progress

吸入圧力の範囲 (psig)

4250 psig maximum

最高動作温度 (°C) の範囲

-40°F to 248°F (-40 °C to 120 °C)

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