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Dual Flow Shutoff Valve (DFSOV)

Parker's dual flow shutoff valve (DFSOV) is used on the inert gas generation system of an aircraft to control the nitrogen enriched air (NEA) flow to the fuel tanks.

    The dual flow shutoff valve (DFSOV) controls the nitrogen enriched air (NEA) flow to the fuel tanks of an aircraft as part of an inert gas generation system. The DFSOV is used for switching the NEA flow between off, low, medium and high flow. Its secondary but critical function is to prevent fuel and fuel vapor migration from the fuel tank back to the ASM when the system is not operating.

    Parker’s dual flow shutoff valve is a dual poppet electrically-controlled solenoid-operated valve used in the fuel tank inerting system (FTIS). Fundamental features include the following:
    • Uses poppets which are spring-assisted to be normally closed when both solenoids are de-energized
    • Micro-switches provide electrical position signals when the poppets are closed
    • Electrical position indication is achieved via discrete output signals for both open and closed positions
    • Visual indications showing when poppets are in the open or closed position are included in the design

    As the premier world leader in fuel tank inerting systems, Parker has turned 50-plus years of inerting technology leadership into an unequalled pedigree that translates into durable, world-class products that last, flight after flight.

    Commercial aircraft, military fighters and transports, business and general aviation

    Parker's dual flow shutoff valve optimizes NEA flow for different aircraft flight phases. This eliminates the need for multiple valves to achieve various flow settings.



Air, nitrogen enriched air (NEA), oxygen enriched air (OEA), and jet fuels

作動圧力 (psig)

15 to 60 psig

最高流体温度 (C)

最低流体温度 (C)


温度の範囲 (F)

-67°F to 158°F

電圧 (VDC)

28 VDC nominal


3 seconds max

最大電流 (amps)

420 milliamps max per solenoid at 28 VDC at ambient temperature


4.50 lbs max, varies based on application

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