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High-Pressure Swivel Joints

Proven high-pressure fittings designed to provide torsional rotation for use in dynamic fluid or pneumatic aerospace conveyance systems, such as cargo doors and retractable landing gears.

    Parker Stratoflex high-pressure swivel joints provide key functionality and reliability when rotation is required in a fluid or pneumatic conveyance systems. Designed with precision-made bearings for smooth movement and reduced torque, and qualified at over 100,000 swivel cycles, Parker Stratoflex swivel joints are the ideal solution for rotating conveyance systems.

    Full 360-degree rotation with low torque at full system pressure prevents hydraulic system flex hoses and rigid tubes from potential damage due to twisting, binding, or kinking. The protection is beneficial both during installation and operation in critical areas, including landing gear and cargo door actuation.

    Engineered and tested to meet or exceed military standards, Parker Stratoflex swivel joints are built for long life in the harshest conditions. Combined with Parker Stratoflex’s leading hose and tube assemblies, and innovative coupling designs, high-pressure swivel joints from Parker Stratoflex ensure your aerospace fluid conveyance system is performing with proven reliability.

    Consult Parker Stratoflex Division for specific size, configurations, and availability to meet your system requirements.

    Parker Stratoflex high-pressure swivel joints are designed for applications where rotation between fluid or pneumatic conveyance lines is required. This includes applications such as retractable landing gears, cargo door actuators, and any pivoting pressure line.
    Applicable fluid systems include MIL-H-83282, Skydrol hydraulic systems, liquid cooling, and fuel lines.

    • Highly-reliable rotation while under pressure to provide functionality to pivoting fluid conveyance systems
    • Smooth ball bearing operation for long life and reduced torque
    • Qualified at over 100,000 swivel cycles with side load to ensure reliability
    • Minimal pressure loss at rated flow based on optimized flow-path design
    • Low torque for rotation at system pressure
    • Dust seal prevents dirt and grit contamination for optimum service life
    • Fitting styles include flared, flareless, and beam seal ends
    • Available in titanium and stainless steel (CRES) options

    Available with integral Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lined hose assemblies for improved reliability, reduced length, and number of leak points.


最大作動圧力 (psig)

4000, 3000

最小作動圧力 (psig)



8000, 6000

破裂圧力 (psi)

16,000, 12,000


Stainless Steel

連続トルク (in-lbs)

2.0 inch-lbs maximum, 4.0 inch-lbs maximum

外径 (inch)

0.80, 1.00


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