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Non-Locking Couplings, 316 Series

High reliability, small envelope size, and low pressure-drop performance while meeting application requirements in aerospace electronics cooling and similar systems. Self-sealing valving prevents fluid spillage when the coupling halves are disconnected.

    Parker Stratoflex offers a range of non-locking coupling designs, materials, features, and sizes for fluid system applications. Non-locking couplings are commonly used in aerospace and military fluid cooling systems, providing modularity for key components such as electronics boxes and fast, reliable connection to open-fluid flow when the coupling halves are fully engaged.

    The 316 series non-locking couplings are equivalent to size -3 (3/16 inch) for fluid flow area. They are uniquely designed to connect with self-aligning valving for applications needing inlet and outlet fluid flow.

    Locking the coupling halves in place typically requires some form of external retention and latch. The 316 series couplings are often used in electronic boxes or cards that install into an overall rack or chassis that provides the cooling fluid. These couplings make the connection between the rack-coupling half and the module- (or box-) coupling half to allow fluid flow when fully engaged. Self-aligning valving allows for manufacturing tolerances to be accommodated and the coupling halves to align properly during connection.

    Self-sealing valving prevents fluid spillage and leakage when the coupling halves are disconnected. Parker uses our precision valving design, common in many of Stratoflex coupling products, to provide optimum fluid-flow characteristics.

    Stratoflex non-locking couplings have excellent aerospace service history, proven reliability, efficient small envelope size, light weight, and low pressure drop to offer the right solution in today’s fluid system applications.

    The pressure-relief valve option provides reliable crack and resealing capability in the disconnected module-half of the coupling to prevent damage from over pressurization.

    Please consult Parker Stratoflex with specific requirements, to confirm part numbers, and for available product information that may meet your application needs.

    Parker Stratoflex non-locking couplings are currently used on aerospace system applications for cooling fluids including polyalphaolefins (PAO), ethylene glycol-water, propylene glycol-water, and other system fluids. Applications include both military and commercial aircraft along with ground vehicles.
    • Precision sealing, no leakage or spillage during connect and disconnect
    • Self-aligning valving allows for installation and connection alignment within specified values
    • Efficient size and flow rate combination for with low pressure drop valving design
    • Light-weight design and material options
    • Proven service history and reliability
    • Primary construction in corrosion-resistant stainless steel

    Designed for precision system applications including fluid compatibility, pressure, flow rate, pressure drop, crack, and reseat capabilities for aircraft system applications requiring high reliability and precision performance.

    The relief valve feature can be incorporated in the Parker Stratoflex quick disconnect couplings (QDC) for applications that may require pressure and fluid relief for the certain system applications. This feature is typically incorporated in the module-half of the coupling to prevent damage due to over pressurization when disconnected and the internal fluid volume is exposed to elevated temperature.


ラインサイズ - 吸入口

3/16 inch

最小作動圧力 (psig)


破裂圧力 (psi)

540, Consult Parker


Consult Parker SPD

流量 (GPM)


クラッキング圧力 (psi)

Not applicable, 140 to 180


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