Refrigeration Dryer Series - PRD325-PRD2400 (325-2400 SCFM) | 日本

Refrigeration Dryer Series - PRD325-PRD2400 (325-2400 SCFM)

Refrigeration air dryers are ideal for general purpose oil free air treatment applications. Dewpoints of 38°F to 50°F are suitable for many indoor applications where a general removal of water and some vapor is suitable for the end user's process.

    PRD Series refrigeration air dryers Ideal for general purpose oil free pneumatic air treatment applications. They typically provide pressure dew points of 35°F (1.7°C) to 50°F (10°C) pressure dew point (pdp).  Refrigeration air dryers work by cooling the air, so are limited to positive pressure dew point ratings to prevent freezing of the condensed liquid. Refrigeration dryers use a set of heat exchangers or a single heat exchanger (with chambers) first to pre-cool the air; second to refrigerate the air to condense out moisture vapor; and last to re-heat the air to prevent pipe sweating downstream particularly in humid conditions.

    Non-Cycling (Direct Expansion) dryers are a type of dryer where the compressed air and the refrigerant come into direct contact via the heat exchanger. While reliable and simple to use, they generally require that the unit continues to run regardless of actual compressed air flow through the dryer. Cycling dryers that utilize a thermal mass as the means to absorb the heat from the compressed air. By chilling a thermal mass, a refrigerant compressor may turn off in times of low demand thereby saving energy by shutting off the refrigerant compressor.

    Function Refrigeration Dryer
      • Pipe Size (in.): 2 NPT-F | 3 NPT-M | 4 Flange | 6 Flange
      • Primary Voltage (V): 230 | 460
      • Flow SCFM 325 to 2400
      • Flow m³/hr. 552 to 4078
      • Ambient Temperature Range: 41° to 122°F or 5° to 50°C
      • Maximum Inlet Temperature: 140°F or 60°C
      • Maximum Pressure (psig): 203 (325 - 2400 SCFM)
      • Maximum Pressure (bar): 14 (552 - 4078 m³/hr. )
      • Pressure drop (psi) @ rated flow Less than 5
      • Pressure drop (bar) @ rated flow Less than .35
      • Refrigerant: R407C
      • Weight: 320 to 1521lb or 145 to 690kg
      • Features Cycling (SmartSave) control; SmartPack heat exchanger; SmartControl micro processor controller; Energy efficient scroll compressor; SmartDrain dual mode zero air loss drain



Refrigeration Dryer




2" NPT-F | 3" NPT-M | 4" Flange | 6" Flange


230VAC | 460VAC

流量 (SCFM)

325 to 2400

流量 (m3/hr)

552 to 4078

作動温度 (F)

41 to 122

作動温度 (C)

5 to 50

最高吸入口温度 (F)


最高吸入口温度 (C)


最大作動圧力 (psig)

203 (325 - 2400 SCFM)

最大作動圧力 (bar)

14 (552 - 4078 m³/hr. )

圧力低下 (psi)

Less than 5 (at rated flow)

圧力低下 (bar)

Less than 0.35 (at rated flow)

重量 (lb)

320 to 1521

重量 (kg)

145 to 690


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