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Single Shut-off Couplings

Lightweight and highly-reliable connection providing self-sealing capability on one side of the connection when the single shut-off coupling is disconnected from the mating fitting.

    Parker Stratoflex’s single shut-off coupling (SSC) is designed with self-sealing valving to prevent fluid leakage when disconnected from the fluid system. The SSC provides one-side sealing of fluid when disconnected. Used in aircraft hydraulic systems and located at the interface of the engine-driven pump or similar equipment, the SSC is installed on the flexible hose assembly and threads on to an industry standard fitting at the pump, SAE AS4375, AS33514 or bulkhead fitting equivalents.

    Operation and use of the SSC is simple, positive and reliable. In the fully connected and torqued (installed) position, the SSC valving is open to flow and provides low pressure drop performance. To uncouple, the SSC outer collar is untorqued and unthreaded from the mating standard male fitting. As the SSC is unthreading, the internal valving seals and prevents excess loss of fluid from the SSC and flex hose side of the connection. The standard fitting side remains open, with no self-sealing valving on that side of the connection to retain fluid. Once fully disconnected, the pump or mating equipment and fitting are able to be removed and replaced as required.

    Parker Stratoflex SSC’s use proven engineering and design experience to provide a small size and light weight design with performance requirements to meet industry Standard SAE AS1896.

    Standard SSC end fittings include:
    • SSC male fitting (hose connection side): SAE AS4375, AS33514
    • SSC mates with equipment fitting (pump side): SAE AS4375, AS33514, AS4376, AS33515

    The single shut-off couplings are used on a variety of aerospace and related applications where proven performance and sealing on one-side only when disconnected is a key requirement along with small size, light weight, and high reliability are important for systems in service today. Programs using the Parker Aerospace SSC include military aircraft hydraulic systems for C-5, C-17, P-8, 767-2C tanker, A400M, and commercial hydraulic systems for 737NG, 747-400, 757, 767, 777, 787, A350 and the Dash-8-400.

    • Provides ease of system maintenance in removing engine-driven hydraulic pump or similar equipment while sealing fluid on the flex hose side and preventing excessive spillage or fluid contamination
    • Engineered, tested, and qualified to provide long-term reliable service in harsh engine environments
    • Thread to connect with standard fitting to open self-sealing valve and fluid flow
    • Torque to finalize installation similar to standard hose B-nut
    • Meets performance requirements of SAE specification AS1896
    • Sizes range from -06 (3/8 inch) to -24 (l ½ inch) line sizes
    • Efficient size and light weight design
    • Low pressure drop based on streamline valve design
    • Design configurations available to meet fire-resistant or fire-proof requirements per SAE AS1055
    • Material options for performance and fluid compatibility options available
    • Stainless steel construction meets typical electrical bonding requirements

    Standard configuration is available in stainless steel body construction. Component materials include stainless steel and other materials compatible with specific fluid applications. Contact the Stratoflex Products Division for any other specific material information or requirements and to confirm part numbers.

    The single shut-off coupling series has been proven over years of service with a history of reliability for aircraft and engine applications. The baseline qualification for this product is based on the applicable requirements of industry standard SAE AS1896 specification. In some cases, qualification is based on or may be required for specific platform installation and performance requirements.

    Contact Stratoflex Products Division with interface and performance requirements to determine if this product is the best choice for your installation and application. Not all sizes, pressure ranges, or materials may be available.





6,000 psig, 4,500 psig, 1,800 psig

破裂圧力 (psi)

7,500 psig, 3,600 psig

最高流体温度 (F)


最低流体温度 (F)


長さ (inch)

1.80, 2.03, 2.28, 2.53, 3.03

重量 (lb)

0.21, 0.33, 0.44, 0.80, 1.37


Stainless Steel

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