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Gantry Robot System 5: Two Axis XX''-Z

Designed for rapid transport of moderate loads (50-100kg) in a single vertical plane, the System 5 gantry robot system provide 2 axes of motion and is capable of high speeds and accelerations, larger moment loads and travels of up to 7.9m x 1.5m

    Parker's seven standard gantry system configurations are designed to satisfy the vast majority of gantry robot applications. By standardizing on these configurations, Parker has simplified sizing and selection, shortened lead times, and reduced costs for users of these systems. The travels and loads indicated are nominal, and should not be considered limiting factors. Longer travels and increased loads are attainable depending upon the combination of parameters.

    "System Five" is an X-Z system utilizing the HZR belt driven unit for the vertical axis. The rigidity of the HZR permits higher vertical speed, greater X-axis acceleration and larger moment loading than System Three.

    System Five - Technical Overview:
    • Configuration : XX"-Z
    • Maximum Work Area : 7.9m (X) * 1.5m (Z)
    • Maximum Load : 50 - 100 kg
    • Drive Mechanism : Belt

    Parker's gantry systems provide cost-effective, easy to integrate solutions that satisfy the vast majority of automation requirements. In addition to our standard gantry systems, Parker offers products with additional capabilities to fulfill the needs of special applications. Our engineering skill and manufacturing expertise have integrated these products into custom-tailored gantry solutions which have successfully addressed the most unique and exacting requirements of machine builders and integrators around the world.

    Additional Capabilities:
    • Motors, Drives and Controls
    • Extended Travels
    • Rotary Motion Modules
    • Cleanroom Preparations
    • External Position Feedback
    • Vertical Axis Brakes
    • End Effectors
    • Protective Guarding
    • Custom Support Structures

Performance Characteristics

Product Type

Gantry Robot



Drive Type


Maximum Stroke (mm)

7900 (X) * 1500 (Z)

Maximum Speed (m/s)

2.5 (X) * 1.5 (Z)

Maximum Payload Range

50 ... 100kg


± 0.2 … ± 0.5 mm

Additional Protection Option

Steel Strip Cover

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