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GVM Global Vehicle Motors - for mobile applications

Permanent Magnet (PMAC) Motors and Generators for Traction, Electro-Hydraulic Pumps (EHP) and Auxiliary Systems

    PMAC servo motors offer the best solution to meet the requirements of vehicle duty performance. The torque density and speed capabilities of Parker Permanent Magnet AC motors (PMAC) combined with a voltage matched inverter provide the speed and torque required to achieve breakthrough performance in a variety of vehicle platforms. The GVM is a powerful choice for both on and off-road vehicles, engineered for Traction, Electro-hydraulic Pumps (EHP) and auxiliary applications. The GVM motor line has been designed to be used in a wide variety of vehicle applications including; construction vehicles, refuse truck, city buses, street sweeper, motorcycles and scooters, light commercial vehicles and watercraft.

    • High efficiency
    • Compactness (High power density)
    • Can be used either as motor or generator
    • Operating voltages available from 24 to 800 VDC
    • Rare earth magnets allow high temperature operation
    • Patent pending cooling
    • Customisation capability including specific mechanical design

    Typical Applications:
    • Electric motors/generators for hybrid applications
    • Electric motors for motorbikes, scooters...
    • Traction applications
    • Electro-hydraulic pumps for high power cylinders
    • Electric power steering
    • Auxiliary applications as fan/compressors for air conditioning

    Technical Characteristics - Overview:
      Motor Type : Permanent Magnet synchronous motor
      Magnet Materials : Rare earth magnets
      Number of Poles : 12
      Batterry Voltage : 24 to 800 VDC
      Power Range : up to 170 kW (continuous)
      Torque Range : up to 710 Nm (peak)
      Speed Range : up to 9800 min-1
      Ambient Temperature (resolver feedback)
         - liquid cooled : -40…+120 °C
         - natural convection : -40…+65 °C
      Storage Temperature : -40…+120 °C
      Sensor : Resolver or SinCos encoder
      Insulation of the Stator Winding : Class H with potting
      Protection : IP67 as standard / IP6K9K on request
      Random Vibration : 0,1 g2/Hz in frequency range 5...2000 Hz (12 g rms – 3x8h)
      Operational Shock : 25 g, 11 ms, 3x6 (with 2 directions per axis)
      Thermal Protection : 1 PTC probes and 1 KTY84-130 sensor
      Shaft End : Spline shaft (male or female), other possibilities on request
      Connections : Terminal box (flying cables for kits); connector for feedback
      Marking : CE

Performance Characteristics

Frame Size

142mm | 210mm

Peak Torque (Nm)

67 (GVM142) | 703 (GVM210)

Peak Power (kW)

57 (GVM142) | 325 (GVM210)

Base Speed (RPM)

up to 12670 (GVM142) | up to 7575 (GVM210)

Stack Length (mm)

025 | 050 | 100 | 150 | 200 | 250 | 300 | 400


eGearDrive | SAE A | SAE B

Nominal Battery Voltage (VDC)

48VDC | 72VDC | 350VDC | 650VDC

Cooling Method

Air | 50/50 Water Glycol | Oil

Maximum Ambient Temperature (C)


Feedback Device


Shaft Type


Environmental Rating


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