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MPP-Series High Power/Low Inertia Brushless Servo Motors

Available in 92-270mm frame sizes, MPP motors feature a segmented lamination design providing a very high torque to inertia ratio resulting in the highest acceleration rates of any Parker motor. Parker can provide custom modifications to all MPP motors.

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    The "MaxPlusPlus" (MPP) series of brushless servo motors from Parker features a new design that offers lower inertia and higher power, all in a smaller motor package.  These brushless servo motors are designed for the demanding applications found in today's high performance servo systems.      

    • Segmented lamination technology, providing very high torque-to-inertia ratio – 40% higher torque
    • Potted stator design for improved thermal efficiency
    • High-performance Neodymium magnets
    • Available in 92, 100, 115, 142, 190 and 270mm frame sizes
    • Continuous Stall Torques : 1.55 Nm to 157.74 Nm (13.7 in-lbs to 1396 in-lbs)
    • Peak Torque Ratings : 4.32 Nm to 402.31 Nm (38.2 in-lbs to 3560.5 in-lbs)
    • Rated Speed : 1049 RPM to 4947 RPM
    • Feedback Options : resolver, incremental encoder, single/multiturn absolute encoder
    • Thermistor Protection
    • 24VDC Failsafe Brake (optional)
    • Right-Angle Rotatable PS-Style Connectors
    • IP Rating : IP64 (standard), IP65 (optional with shaft seal)
    • CE and UL
    • Best-in-class lead-time, two year warranty
    • Compatible with Parker Compax3 and Aries series servo drives

    Parker will customize any MPP motor to meet your specific system requirements.  We are specialists at doing customs, offering unrivaled custom motor solutions and support.

Performance Characteristics

Frame Size

92mm | 100mm | 115mm | 142mm | 190mm | 270mm

Continuous Torque (Nm)

1.5 - 157

Continuous Torque (in-lbs)

13.7 - 1396

Peak Torque (Nm)

4.3 - 402

Peak Torque (in-lbs)

38.2 - 3560

Rated Speed (RPM)

up to 5000

Input Supply Voltage

230VAC | 400-480VAC

Feedback Device

2000 ppr Incremental Encoder | EnDat Absolute Encoder (multi-turn) | Hiperface Absolute Encoder (single-turn) | Hiperface Absolute Encoder (multi-turn) | Resolver

Parker Drive Compatibility

Compax3 | ARIES


CE marked | UL/cUL listed

IP Rating

IP64 | IP65

Holding Brake


Cooling Method

Air-Cooled / Natural Convection

Shaft Type

Smooth | Keyway

Custom Versions Available


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