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mPR Series - Miniature High Precision Direct Drive Rotary Stage

The mPR series is a minature high precision direct drive stage. The mPR is counstructed out of light weight aluminum, and combines direct drive servo motor, high reolution encoder, and high precision bearing to produce a compact, high precision stage.

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    The mPR series is a miniature precision direct drive rotary stage with integrated high precision rotary bearing, high resolution rotary encoder, and 3 phase AC servo motor. It has been engineered to deliver a combination of modularity, flexibility, and performance in an extremely compact package.

    mPR Series Standard Features:
    Two form factors:
    mPR 80: 80 mm dia. X 75 mm
    mPR 100: 104 mm dia. X 90 mm tall

    Continuous 360-degree operation
    Four encoder resolutions (3 digital incremental, 1 analog sine/cosine)
    Dowel holes in top and base for repeatable pinning
    Through hole aperture
    Direct mounting features to MX, mSR, and XR stages
    3 meter, high flex cables
    Lightweight aluminum construction

    The combination of size, high precision, and all the features mentioned above make the mPR the ideal positioner for a number of high tech industries. The mPR's low profile and high precision make it ideal for applications in metrology systems, laser processing/machining, electronics manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing. The mPR 80 has common mounting feature to that of the MX80, and mSR 80/100, and the mPR 100 size has common mounting features to that of the 404XR for complete multi-axis systems.

Performance Characteristics



Product Type

Direct Drive Rotary Positioner

Drive Type


Feedback Device

Optical Encoder

Maximum Output Speed (rpm)


Maximum Output Torque (lb-in)

8.0 | 54.9

Maximum Output Torque (Nm)

0.9 | 6.2

Bearing Type

Cross Roller

Axial Load Capacity (lbs)

9.0 | 26.5

Axial Load Capacity (N)

40.0 | 118.0


+/-1 - 11 (arc-sec)

Input Supply Voltage

24 - 340 VDC

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