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Servo Wheel Gearmotors - Powered Wheel/Drive System for Small, Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles

The Servo Wheel Gearmotor combines a brushless DC motor with planetary gear in a lightweight aluminum housing, providing a compact powered wheel/drive control solution which is for easy to integrate into battery powered vehicles.

    The Servo Wheel™ combines a brushless DC motor with planetary gears in a lightweight, aluminum housing to provide a compact solution for vehicle control. The Power Wheel's unique design makes system integration easy. You no longer have to purchase the motor, gearhead, wheel, electronics and bracket from different sources. Parker does all of the work for you -from component sourcing to actual assembly, Parker engineers designed the Power Wheel with your application in mind. All you have to do is bolt it up and go!

    Single-Piece Construction Motor Shaft : The first stage's planetary section sun gear is integrated into the single-piece construction motor shaft, to provide higher reliability in a compact package.

    Planetary Gears : The planetary input stage provides a first pass reduction that is capable of carrying high torques with high input speeds in a small package.

    Integrated Output Stage : The second stage planetary's unique design uses two planets for higher efficiency. Built entirely into the wheel, it utilizes an otherwise wasted area to provide a compact, space-saving package. Two large diameter bearings support the weight, protecting the gears from shock loading and dramatically increasing the radial load carrying capacity of the wheels.

    Servo Wheel Gearmotor - Technical Overview:
    • Brushless DC motor combined with planetary gears in a lightweight housing, to provide a compact solution for vehicle control
    • Wheel Diameter : 6" or 8"
    • Ratio Options : 20:1 - 36:1
    • Maximum Output Speeds : 84 - 196 RPM / 1.5 - 4.5 MPH
    • Continuous Output Torque Ratings : 17 - 69 Nm (150 - 612 in-lbs)
    • Peak Output Torque Ratings : 51 - 207 Nm (450 - 1836in-lbs)
    • Input Supply Voltage : 24VDC (standard)  or  12/36/48VDC (optional)
    • IP54 protection
    • Options of Encoder Feedback and Holding Brake
    • Digital Servo Amplifier - accessory designed for common motion profiles in battery vehicles

    Servo Wheel Gearmotor - Features:
    • Polyurethane antistatic tires
    • High load capacity ball bearings to accommodate heavy vehicle loads
    • Single piece stainless steel gears and shaft for high quality and reliability
    • Dual stage planetary gear design delivers high torque and high efficiency in a compact package
    • Brushless motor provides efficient, maintenance-free power
    • Sealed unit for operation in hostile or wet environments
    • Aluminum alloy housing reduces weight and provides optimum heat dissipatio

    Servo Wheel Gearmotor - Applications:
    • Automated cleaning equipment
    • Health care equipment
    • Robotic & material handling equipment
    • AGV's

Performance Characteristics

Frame Size

6" | 8" (wheel diameter)

Continuous Torque (in-lbs)

150 ... 612

Continuous Torque (Nm)

17 ... 69

Peak Torque (in-lbs)

450 ... 1836

Peak Torque (Nm)

51 ... 207

Radial Load (lbs)

1000 (max load capacity)


20, 24, 30, 36:1

Speed Range

84 ... 196 RPM (1.5 ... 4.5 MPH)

Input Supply Voltage

24VDC (standard) | 12/36/48VDC (optional)

Degree of Protection (IP)


Feedback Device

None | Encoder (optional)

Holding Brake

Yes (optional)

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