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Hydraulic Rotary Actuator - HTR Series (medium duty)

The HTR Series has many features ideal for the most demanding high production applications. The HTR Series can be utilized as an integral machine component, where the actuator simultaneously transmits torque and supports the line shaft or the load.

The HTR Series has many features ideal for the most demanding high production applications. The HTR Series can be utilized as an integral machine component, where the actuator simultaneously transmits torque and supports the line shaft or the load.

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    The HTR Series rotary actuator incorporates many hydraulic and mechanical features that make this actuator both robust and ideal for the most demanding high production applications. These features include: high load capability tapered roller bearings; a chrome alloy steel rack and pinion gear set; a high strength ductile iron or steel housing; and proven Parker Hannifin cylinder components. The HTR Series actuators have been successfully employed in automotive plant production machinery; machine tool equipment; plastics and rubber processing machinery; basic metals production machinery and in material handling machinery.

    The HTR Series can be employed as an integral machine component, where the actuator can simultaneously transmit torque and support the line shaft or the load. Such an arrangement allows for the elimination of one set of external support bearings. Optional cushions can also be incorporated to decelerate external loads, thus eliminating the need for an external deceleration device such as shock absorbers or brakes. Additionally, machine installations can be simplified with the hollow shaft feature by eliminating additional coupling. This is achieved by means of a square shaft key or if needed the housing can be drilled and tapped to mount various brackets. For easy serviceability, the piston seals can be inspected and replaced while the actuator remains installed on the machinery.

     • Output torques @ 3000 psi (207 bar): 900 lb.-in to 600,000 lb-in. (larger output torques available upon request)
     • Maximum operating pressure: 3000 psi (207 bar) non-shock
        o Except HTR22/45: 2000 psi (138 bar) non-shock
     • Operating temperature range:
        o Nitrile seals: -40° to 180°F or -40° to 82°C
        o Fluorocarbon seals: -20° to 250°F or -29° to 121°C
     • Standard rotations: 90°, 180°, 360°, 450°
     • Rotational tolerance: -0°, +2°
     • Maximum breakaway pressure: 70 psig or 4.8 bar
     • Mounting orientation: unrestricted
     • Standard timing: Keyway in 12:00 position at midstroke
     • Recommended filtration: ISO class 17/14 or better
     • Hydraulic cushions to minimize noise, vibration shock and assist deceleration control
     • Reed, Hall Effect or proximity switches for position sensing
     • End-of-rotation stroke adjusters for load position control and accurate rotation adjustment
     • Built-in meter out flow control valves with reverse flow check valves provide a neat package
     • Three position option can be used with many special machine and material handling applications

    Rack and pinion design provides excellent efficiency characteristics (90-95%) and minimizes HPU Size
    Minimal heat build up, limits need for heat exchanger
    Large hollow gears offer more shaft options
    HTR series are designed for low wear on dynamic seals and longer life
    Excellent in high speed production applications

      • Aggregate/granite block rollover
      • Automation/mounting, processing, flood gate actuation, end of arm tooling
      • Automotive/automation, clamping, tube bending
      • Conveyor/swing and rotate
      • Fluid management & flow control/power plants
      • Machine builders/end of arm tooling
      • Marine offshore/boomslewer, submersible
      • Mining/mobile longhole drilling, tunnel boring
      • Mobile/fire truck ladder rotation, aerial lift basket, X-ray boom rotation, forklift handling & storage, refuse tippers
      • Oil & gas/process valve actuation
      • Plastics/blow molding, injection molding
      • Rubber/mixing
      • Solar/panel rotation
      • Steel & casting/ladle tilt, coil box, steel booming, pipe fabrication
      • Testing equipment/flight simulators, cycle loading, tensile test machines
      • Water management

Performance Characteristics


Rack and Pinion

Standard Rotation (degrees)

90 | 180 | 360 | 450

Full Rotation Range (degrees)

20-450 (larger consult factory)

Torque Rating (in-lbs)

300 to 600,000 @ 1000 to 3000 psi

Maximum Pressure (psi)


Temperature Range (F)

-40° to 180° F (or -40° to 82° C) for Nitrile Seals | -20° to 250° F (or -28° to 121° C) for Fluorocarbon Seals

Stroke Adjustment

None | 0-5° CW Rotation | 0-5° CCW Rotation | 0-5° Both Rotation | 0-30° CW Rotation | 0-30° CCW Rotation | 0-30° Both Rotation

Cushioning Type

None | CW Rotation only | CCW Rotation only | Both Rotations | Four | High Performance

Port Type

SAE Straight Thread | NPTF | Flange | BSPP | Metric to DIN 3852/1 | Metric to ISO 6149/1

Port Size

SAE 6 | SAE 8 | SAE 12 | SAE 16 | 3/4 SAE Flange | 1 SAE Flange | 1/4" | 1/2" | 3/4" | 1" | M14x1.5 | M22x1.5 | M27x2 | M33x2

Position Sensing


Sensor Type

Resolver Feedback | Linear Potentiometer

Body Material

Ductile Iron | Steel Welment

Shaft Material

High Strength Alloy Steel

Seal Material

Nitrile | Viton | Carboxylated Nitrile

Weight (lb)

11 to 1560

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