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Hydraulic Rotary Actuator - Tork-Mor Series (vane)

The Tork-Mor Series is available in 18 sizes with 145K lb-in of torque. Capable of providing full torque instantly in either direction, it is available with 100° or 280° rotation. The Tork-Mor can be mounted in any axis with numerous mounting options.

    Tork-Mor series actuators are produced in eighteen sizes generating up to 145,000 lb-in of torque at rated pressure. Capable of providing full torque instantly in either direction, they are available with 100° or 280° rotation at pressures up to 1000 psi. The Tork-Mor series can be mounted in any axis using a wide variety of standard or optional mountings. Proven reliable through many years of field service, the Tork-Mor series incorporates many quality features including precision ball bearings to provide shaft support, externally removable gland for ease of seal replacement, and cylinders honed to a 10 micro inch finish to ensure long seal life.

     • Output torques @ 500 psi (35 Bar): 800 lb-in to 142,000  lb-in.
     • Maximum operating pressure: 1000 psi (69 Bar) hydraulic
     • Operating temperature range:
      o Nitrile seals -40° to 180°F (-40° to 82°C)
      o Fluorocarbon seals -20° to 250°F (-29° to 121°C)
     • Rotations:
       o S Models – 280°
       o DS Models – 100°
     • Rotational tolerance: ± 1°:
     • Max. allowable drain line pressure : 50 psi (hydraulic)
     • External shaft load capacities:
       o Thrust Loads: Units have no thrust load capacity.
       o Radial Loads: External radial loads are not recommended and can reduce the life of the unit. Consult factory
           before applying.

    Vane design provides fair efficiency characteristics (75-85%)
    Limited rotation and torque range
    Small package size is suitable for application with space constraints
    Precision positioning is achieved due to no backlash design
    Suited for medium speed production applications

     • Automation/Mounting, Processing, Flood Gate Actuation, End of Arm Tooling
     • Automotive/Automation, Clamping, Tube Bending
     • Conveyor/Swing and Rotate
     • Entertainment/Pool Gate Actuation, Robotic Joint Motion
     • Industrial/Automation, Clamping
     • Plastics/Blow Molding, Injection Molding
     • Oil Industry Machinery/Clamping, Lockout
     • Steel & Casting/Ladle Tilt, Coil Box, Steel Booming, Pipe Fabrication
     • Testing Equipment/Flight Simulators, Cycle Loading, Tensile Test Machines
     • Welding/Weld Gun Indexing, Clamping

Performance Characteristics



Standard Rotation (degrees)

100 | 280

Full Rotation Range (degrees)

100 or 280

Torque Rating (in-lbs)

38 to 142,000 @ 50 to 1000psi

Maximum Pressure (psi)


Temperature Range (F)

-40° to 180° F (or -40° to 82° C) for Nitrile Seals | -20° to 250° F (or -28° to 121° C) for Fluorocarbon Seals

Stroke Adjustment


Cushioning Type


Port Type

NPTF | 37° Male Flared JIC

Port Size

NPTF | 37° Male Flared JIC

Position Sensing


Sensor Type

Limit Switch | Resolver Feedback | Linear Potentiometer

Body Material

Steel | DOM tubing

Shaft Material

High Strength Alloy Steel

Seal Material

Nitrile | Viton

Weight (lb)

8 to 555

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