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Mini Disposable Inline Desiccant Dryers - DD10 Series

DD10 is a mini, point-of-use, disposable, inline desiccant dryer that removes all traces of water vapor, oil vapor and particulate. It is designed for intermittent and not continuous use applications.

    The DD10 Series mini disposable inline desiccant dryer is used at the point-of-use. This disposable, mini inline desiccant dryer removes all traces of water vapor, oil vapor and particulate. It is often used directly upstream of blow guns or spray guns as final protection for critical parts blow off and paint spraying.  These compact inline desiccant dryers are a convenient and cost effective means of ensuring your sensitive intermittent pneumatic applications are not exposed to damaging moisture. As wet air enters through the inlet, the air travels down through a bed of desiccant, which absorbs the water vapor and aerosols. The silica gel desiccant beads will reduce the humidity down to a -40°F ( -40°C) pressure dew point.

    A built-in 40 micron porous bronze element removes fine particulate, oil removing media removes oil vapor, and desiccant beads absorb water vapor. The see-through housing shows desiccant color change from the original blue to a pink color in the desiccant beads, which indicates that the dryer needs to be replaced. When installing the DD10, hand tighten to a leak proof seal. Do not use any mechanical means to hold the unit and do not over torque the threads in order to prevent damage or cracking.

      • Dryer Type: Inline Desiccant
      • Body Material: Polycarbonate
      • Port Type: NPT
      • Port Size: 1/4"
      • Maximum Flow Capacity (SCFM): 15
      • Operating Pressure Range: 0 to 125  /  0 to 8.6 bar
      • Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 180°F  /  0° to 54°C
      • Dew Point: -40°F or -40°C
      • Desiccant Type: Silica Gel
      • Desiccant Capacity (lbs.): Disposable
      • Filter Element (μm): 40
      • Weight Full: 0.175 lb / 0.08 kg

Performance Characteristics


Inline Desiccant Dryer

Body Material


Port Type


Port Size


Flow Rate (SCFM)


Operating Pressure (psig)

0 to 125

Operating Pressure (bar)

0 to 8.6

Operating Temperature (F)

+32° to +130°

Operating Temperature (C)

0° to +54°

Dewpoint (F)


Dewpoint (C)


Desiccant Type

Silica Gel

Desiccant Capacity (lb)

N/A (Disposable)

Filter element


Weight (lb)


Weight (kg)


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