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Pneumatic Rotary Actuator - B671/F672 Series (Heavy Duty Rack-and-Pinion)

The B671 provides force in a reciprocating, rotational motion & is ideal for applications requiring constant torque. The Hydro-Check option provides controlled feed rates & rotational control with pneumatic power through adjustable hydraulic resistance.

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    The B671 series pneumatic rotary actuator is designed to provide force in a reciprocating, rotational motion. It is ideal for any application requiring constant torque through a rotational distance: rotating or lifting heavy objects, positioning or bending operations. The F672 Series utilizes the same high quality construction found on the B671 Series with the addition of a coupling arrangement for a hydro-check. An F672/hydro-check assembly will provide controlled feed rates and excellent rotational control with pneumatic power through adjustable hydraulic resistance.

    The B671/F672 series pneumatic rotary actuator can be powered by shop air or inert gas. The actuators are pre-lubricated at assembly with NLG1 grade 2 grease with outstanding oxidation stability and corrosion resistant additives. This pre-lubrication is intended for use in pneumatic systems where airline lubrication is not used. However, to assure maximum service life of the cylinder, the air supply should be properly filtered and moisture free. The pneumatic rotary actuator can be controlled by any conventional 4-way valve - hand, foot, mechanically or electrically controlled. All four sizes of rotary actuators are designed for direct on-shaft installation - no flexible couplings, cam and roller or chain and sprocket combinations are required.

    The rotary actuator/hydro-check combination consists of the F672 series actuator axially linked to an F172-2 or F172-3 series hydro-check. The hydro-check is a precision built adjustable hydraulic resistance unit designed to provide controlled feed rates. When coupled to an actuator, excellent rotational control is attained. The rotary actuator/hydro-check combination provides consistent torque with adjustable hydraulic resistance for a smooth controlled rotational feed rate. Axial couplings of these units eliminate eccentric loading of component parts. These actuators are available in three torque ranges to comply with varying load requirements. The hydro-check is capable of checking axial loads to 3,000 lbs. and is available with many controlling options.

      • Output torques @ 100 psi (6.9 bar): 100 to 2,500 lb-in
      • Maximum pressure: 140 psig (9.7 bar)
      • Operating temperature range: nitrile seals 0° to 180° F (-18 to 82°C)
      • Standard rotations: 90°, 180°, 360°
      • Rotational tolerance:
             o B6711/F6721: -0°, +5°
             o B6712/F6722: -0°, +4°
             o B6713/F6723: -0°, +3°
             o B6714/F6724: -0°, +2°
      • Maximum breakaway pressure: 10 psig (0.7 Bar)
      • Mounting orientation: unrestricted
      • Standard timing: keyway in 12:00 position at midstroke
      • Recommended filtration: 40 micron filtered, dry air
      • Pneumatic cushions to minimize noise, vibration shock and assist deceleration control
      • Built-in hydro-check option designed to provide controlled feed rates
      • Rack and pinion design provides excellent efficiency characteristics

Performance Characteristics

Product Type

Rack and Pinion

Standard Rotation (degrees)

90 | 180 | 360

Full Rotation Range (degrees)

90° to 360°

Torque Rating (in-lbs)

100 to 2500 @ 100 psi

Torque Rating (Nm)


Maximum Pressure (psi)


Maximum Pressure (bar)


Temperature Range (F)

0° to +180°

Temperature Range (C)

-18° to +82°

Stroke Adjustment


Cushioning Type

None | Both Rotations

Port Type


Port Size

1/4 -20" | 1/2-13" | 5/8-11"

Position Sensing


Sensor Type


Body Material


Shaft Material

High Strength Alloy Steel

Seal Material


Weight (lb)

consult factory

Weight (kg)

consult factory

Maximum Operating Frequency


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