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Replacement Elements - Submicronic Removal Fluid Purification Systems

The Parker SMR Series Purification System uses patented technology to remove contaminants from oil. Portable, and improving a system's demulsibility, Parker has created a solution for on-site oil purification even in the most demanding environments.

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    Maintaining a hydraulic system's oil cleanliness level will increase the life of the critical wear components, and reduce system downtime. Portable purification units are ideal for systems in applications demanding on-site decontamination. With several models to choose from, the Parker SMR Series is an ideal solution for many hydraulic system's needs.

    The Parker SMR Series Submicronic Removal Fluid Purification System is the smart purification solution for fluid flow in the 2-10 GPM (8 -38 LPM) range. The SMR contains Parker patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA™) technology, which maintains hydraulic and lubricating fluids in optimum condition while preventing/removing the build-up of sludge and varnish.

    This system is available in a PLC or simplified control version. Please contact a Parker Representative for assistance.
    Using genuine Parker SMR Series Submicronic Removal Fluid Purification System replacement elements ensures the quality of filtration Parker is known for. Using aftermarket filters with unknown media quality may save initial cost, but can increase overall costs by requiring more element change outs and potentially causing system downtime. Protect your investment by always buying genuine Parker replacement elements.

    For ordering, please refer to the “How to Order” section of the literature or contact a Parker Representative.

Performance Characteristics

Filter Housing Series


Filter Housing Series

The filter housing series is located on the name plate of the SMR unit.

Filter element

Elements available in 2 micron to 20 micron utilizing the latest in Microglass and Ecoglass technology .


SMR2 has a 13 inch filter. SMR10 has a 26 inch filter.

Seal Material

Ethylene Propylene and Fluorocarbon are available.

Fluid Compatibility

Suitable for Mineral and Petroleum Base oils, and Phosphate Ester on specific model option. For other fluids, please contact Technical Support at or 800-253-1258

Element Type

Coreless and cored construction, fiberglass media, synthetic end caps.

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