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Directional Control Valve (8 Watt) - Series D1VW

The directional control valve series D1VW 8 Watt is based on the standard D1VW design. The low watt, low current solenoid (< 0.5 A) of this on/off valve allows a direct connection to a PLC.

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    The directional control valve series D1VW 8 Watt in NG06 (CETOP 03 / NFPA D03) enables direct connections to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a bus knot and thus saves the use of a relay. This on/off valve provides high functional limits up to 60 l/min in combination with a very low, energy-saving pressure drop due to optimized flow passages. The maximum pressure is 350 bar.

    • Industrial

    • Compact, proven design that represents our long-term experience in hydraulics
    • Low pressure drop – resulting in low energy losses in operation
    • Wide range of spools - fits all hydraulic systems
    • Shortest lead time - no warehousing necessary

    • Machine tools

    D1VW 8 Watt valves are offered with standard solenoid connection (as per EN175301-803) and M12 x 1 connection. The version with M12 x 1 connection and LEDs is conform to the DESINA standard (DistributEd and Standardised INstAllation technology) for machine tools and manufacturing systems.

Performance Characteristics

Nominal Size

NG06 / CETOP 03

Flow Rate (lpm)


Input Voltage (DC)


Power Consumption (W)


Accessory Type

Standard valve, In combination with surge diode

Mounting Style

Subplate mounting

Operation Style




Series Type

Directional control valve

Weight (kg)

1.5 (1 solenoid), 2.1 (2 solenoids)

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