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Hybrid Direct Operated Directional Control Valve - Series D3DWR

The regenerative and hybrid direct operated directional control valves series D3DWR in NG10 allow energy saving circuits with differential cylinders.

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    Representing an innovative approach to increase the efficiency of hydraulic systems, Parker's regenerative and hybrid direct operated directional control valves series D3DWR make energy savings with valve-controlled linear cylinder actuators easier than ever before. The  integrated regenerative function in the A-line enables efficient circuits with differential cylinders. The hybrid version allows additionally to switch freely at any time for maximum energy savings without restricting the operating range.

    • Industrial

    • Proven robust design that represents our long-term experience in hydraulics
    • High functional limits – low forces resulting in safe operation also at high flow rates
    • Low pressure drop – resulting in low energy losses in operation
    • Innovative A-regeneration - provides increased energy efficiency by  reducing the oil requirement for partially-loaded differential cylinders
    • Switchable hybrid version - can switch between regenerative mode (for high velocity) and standard mode (for high force)
    • Short delivery time - no warehousing necessary

    • Suitable for general hydraulic applications
    • General presses

    Info regenerative and hybrid function:
    In applications with differential cylinders it is common to feed the return flow from the rod side of the cylinder back to the piston side to achieve higher velocity or lower pump flow. Parker differentiates between regeneration to the pressure level of the pump (P-regeneration) or directly to the piston area respectively the A-port of the valve (A-regeneration). The Parker regenerative valves use the advantageous A-regeneration.

    The hybrid version with an integrated solenoid valve can switch between regenerative mode and standard mode. The regenerative mode is used for maximum velocity, the standard mode for maximum force.

    Series D3DWR has to be used in combination with adaptor plate. For regenerative- and hybrid function please see adaptor plates series A10 and sandwich plates series H10.

Performance Characteristics

Nominal Size


Size (CETOP Norm)


Operation Style


Maximum Flow Rate (lpm)


Input Voltage (DC)


Connection Type

Connector as per EN 175301-803

Mounting Style

Subplate mounting



Series Type

Directional control valve

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