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Parker Custom Cylinders are purpose-built cylinders with unique features and no common standard or size. Cylinder assemblies and systems are our specialty - from the basic to the most complex.

Series 2A/2AN heavy duty steel pneumatic cylinders offer advanced features like the Jewel rod gland assembly, adjustable floating cushions, case hardened piston rods and high strength tie rods with rolled threads. Compare and choose the Parker advantage.

Series 2AJ and Series 2ANJ heavy duty steel pneumatic cylinders with Rod Lock prevent rod movement upon release of stored energy. They are rated for air service to 100 psi and can hold loads in excess of 5,000 lb., depending on bore size.

Series MA and MAN industrial grade pneumatic cylinders have a no-compromise design and proven reliability and are the high performing, longer-lasting choice for your air cylinder applications.

Series SA stainless steel pneumatic tie rod cylinders combine corrosion resistance with proven reliability and are designed for use in harsh chemical washdown environments.

Series VE Pneumatic Cylinders provide a cost-effective solution for knife gate valve actuation, utilizing proven seal technology, the highest quality materials and stringent manufacturing standards.

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