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The hydraulic power supply is a completely self-contained, compact, gearbox or electric motor driven device that fully integrates the hydraulic pump. It is ideally suited for applications where a highly integrated and compact hydraulic system is needed.

Parker's fuel boost pump controller regulates fuel delivery and monitors pump operation to the engine. The controller features a multiprocessor-based architecture which allows motor control operation along with health monitoring and status reporting.

Parker's refuel defuel control panel provides a human interface to the fuel quantity gauging system. The displays indicate the fuel quantity for each tank, total on-board quantity, and warning status such as tank overfill.

The fuel tank inerting controller monitors and controls the fuel tank inerting system (FTIS). Pressure, oxygen, and temperature data are used by the controller to support the distribution of nitrogen enriched air (NEA) into the fuel tank ullage.

Parker Aerospace designs and manufactures a family of electronic controllers offering adaptable and scalable solutions. Remote electronics unit products are used in the most advanced fly-by-wire systems providing precise closed-loop actuation control.

Parker Aerospace designs and manufactures a variety of motor control electronics (MCE) for flight control actuation. MCEs provide closed-loop velocity control of the motors used in aerospace applications such as aircraft pitch trim and flap systems.

Parker Aerospace developed and certified an alternate flight control unit (AFCU) that allows for full independent control using dedicated flight deck sensors and the existing hydraulic actuators on the control surfaces.

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