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Heat Exchangers manufactured utilizing Parker's Macrolaminate technology offer increased thermal performance for a given envelope, and offer complex flow circuits, conformal geometries, and dual thermal and structural functions.

The unique manufacturing process allows an aluminum, multi-layer construction as thin as 0.080 inch. Single-phase or two-phase cooling is achieved using a wide range of dielectric (e.g. PAO/fluorocarbon) and non-dielectric (e.g. EGW/PGW) fluids.

Parker’s SprayCool® multiple platform enclosure (MPE) series of enclosures utilize the efficiency of evaporative (two phase) cooling using a patented direct spray technology and a di-electric fluid.

One ATR format system for multiple high-power VPX modules each in excess of 150 watts. Up to four kW of cooling is possible utilizing the single loop fluid system and the Parker-patented macrolaminate construction of the enclosure cold plate side walls.

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