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CHOFORM 5528 Ag/Cu Moisture Cure One Component Form-In-Place Silicone EMI Gasketing

Parker Chomerics CHOFORM 5528 Ag filled silicone is ideal for today’s densely populated electronics packaging. Full moisture cure in 24 hrs at 22 C with soft low closure force properties.

Weight (g):
    Parker Chomerics CHOFORM Automated EMI Gasketing System is ideal for today’s densely populated electronics packaging, particularly where intercompartmental isolation is required to separate processing and signal generating functions. CHOFORM is directly dispensed on castings, machined metal and conductive plastic housings and board shields. It provides excellent elec- trical contact to mating conductive sur- faces including printed circuit board traces. CHOFORM is widely used in compartmen- talized enclosures and other tightly pack- aged electronic devices in military, telecom, transportation, aerospace and life science applications.
    The CHOFORM technology allows dispens- ing of precisely positioned, conformable gaskets in very small cross sections that free valuable package space. They provide the lowest total cost of ownership for small cross section and complex pattern applica- tions. Parker Chomerics CHOFORM and ParPHorm® Form-In-Place (FIP) materials can reduce installed cost of an EMI gasket by up to 60%. The durable, highly conduc- tive seals have low compression set, ensur- ing years of effective EMI shielding and mechanical performance.
    With gasket dispensing primarily software driven, CHOFORM technology permits rapid prototyping, changes in design, and production scale-up at nominal cost. Its inherent flexibility accommodates batch runs or continu- ous production, from ten to ten million parts. Wide acceptance of the CHOFORM automated gasket dispensing system can be attributed to a successful blend of manufacturing and materials expertise. The CHOFORM technology combined with a Parker Chomerics supplied metal or conductive plastic housing or board shield provides an integrated solution ready for the customers’ highest level of assembly. Individual compartment shielding or grounding is often enhanced by placement of a secondary EMI product such as a short length of fingerstock, fabric over foam, conductive extrusion gasket or a microwave absorber. Thermal transfer from the printed circuit boards’ heat generating devices to a metal hous- ing wall or board shield can be accom- plished by placement of a soft thermally conductive gap filler, dispensed thermal compound or gel.
    Parker Chomerics has the technology to support all of these application needs in a one stop integrated solution. Contact Park- er Chomerics Applications for further details and assistance.
    Product Features:
    • Up to 60% space saved -flanges as narrow as 0.025” (0.76mm) can be gasketed.
    • More than 100 dB shielding effectiveness from 200 MHz to 12 GHz with very small gasket beads.
    • Excellent adhesion to common housing substrates and coatings.
    • Highly compressible gaskets, ideal with limited deflection force.
    • Quick turn-around of prototypes and samples. Parts typically prototyped and shipped within several days and typically do not require tooling.

Performance Characteristics


12 fl. oz. Aluminum Cartridge

Operating Features

Soft, low closure-force

Filler Material


Polymer Family




Nominal Hardness (Shore A)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Specific Gravity


Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)


Meets Certifications

UL 94 V-0

Shielding Effectiveness (dB)


Shelf Life (Months)


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