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ATCA blank faceplates made with PREMIER EMI shielding thermoplastics provide required performance and save significant (40% and more) cost.

Parker Chomerics PREMIER PEI-140 military grade, electrically conductive plastic, can provide up to a 65% cost reduction by eliminating secondary operations such as assembly, machining, painting/plating and the logistics that accompany these processes.

PREMIER PBT-225 is a single pellet, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) based, electrically conductive plastic that delivers superior reliability, making metal to plastic housing conversions possible for demanding automotive electronics applications.

Parker Chomerics high precision injection molding capabilities offer the latest in robotic manufacturing of injected molded parts to deliver cost effective high quality solutions.

Electrically Conductive PREMIER PC-ABS is the first commercial conductive thermoplastic for EMI shielding solutions. It is a blend of PC/ABS polymer alloys and conductive fillers engineered for stable electrical, mechanical, and physical performance

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