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Committed to offering the perfect match for every hose or tube application, Parker offers flanges that accommodate every configuration and substrate. Parker flanges meet or exceed all industry standards and specifications, and only we can provide the most efficient and appropriate flange for every hose or tube product.

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Flange / Flare Adapters

Flange / Flare adapter

Flange Halves

SAE J1518 Code 61 (5,000psi), Code 62 (6,000psi), DIN and ISO flange halves for securing high pressure hydraulic hose assemblies.

Flange Kits

Parker Flange kits are for connecting high pressure Code 61 and Code 62 hydraulic hose assemblies within hydraulic applications

Full Flange System

Parker's one-piece Full Flange option for Code 61 and Code 62 connections enables the flange to be attached to the hose after the hose fitting has been crimped to the hose making installation easier and faster.

4-Bolt Hydraulic Flanges and Components

Parker's 4-bolt hydraulic flanges and components are proven leak-free connections, especially suited for larger sizes, higher pressures and assembly in tight quarters.

Displaying products 1 - 5 of 5

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