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Fuel Check Baffle Valves

The wing tank is divided into a number of semi-sealed compartments that allow easy fuel migration inboard while minimizing fuel migration outboard. The compartments contain check valves that are the boundaries between compartments.

    Fuel check baffle valves are installed onto the ribs of the aircraft wing. With its low pressure drop, low leakage rate, and lightweight design, this valve is an ideal choice when properly selected for the right application. The fuel check baffle valve has an elegantly simple design, yet is extremely reliable and several variations of this check valve have been produced by Parker for over 30 years.

    To facilitate inboard fuel movement, a number of check valves are installed along the ribs that form the boundaries between these compartments. These are known as baffle check valves or flapper check valves.

    The material and finishes used in the construction of the baffle check valve, and those of similar and previously qualified valves, are unaffected by several environmental conditions listed in RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-810.

    Commercial aircraft, military fighters and transports, business and general aviation.

    Fundamental features of the baffle check valve include the following:
    • Certified to withstand high vibration levels and demanding engine blade out requirements
    • Less than 0.1 lbs
    • Very high mean time before failures (MTBF)
    • Nitrile seal designed to handle several commonly used fluids
    • Excellent pressure-drop characteristics
    • Rated for more than one million endurance cycles

Performance Characteristics

Dry Weight

0.14 lbs

Temperature Range (F)

-67ºF to 185ºF

Operating Temperature (F)

-58ºF to 131ºF

Internal Leak Rate

55 cc/min max at 12 psig outlet

Operating Pressure (psig)

0 to 12 psig

Proof Pressure

24 psig

Burst Pressure

36 psig

Pressure Drop (psi)

20 inches of fuel (Jet A) max at 10 GPM, 70ºF

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