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General Hydraulic Thermoplastic Hose

Parker offers the selection of Thermoplastic hose globally. With superior abrasion resistance of urethane and nylon style covers provide the industry's highest level of abrasion resistance today. With long continuous lengths, clean core tubes, wide chemical compatibility range, Parker’s thermoplastic hose offers a superior range of products.Tough outer covers also resist degradation by UV rays, water and harsh wash down chemicals. Thermoplastic hose design features include: lightweight with smaller O.D., compact design with smooth outer cover for easy routing, lower volumetric expansion, high UV resistance, a long shelf life and easy to fabricate hose assemblies.

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HTBR Eliminator® Hybrid® Hose

Designed for high pressure hydraulic applications, Parflex HTBR Eliminator® Hybrid® hose offers superior performance in applications ranging from 3500 psi to 7000 psi.

Dura-Flex™Retractable Hydraulic Hose Coil for aerial lift

Parker Hannifin's Fast-Stor® Dura-Flex™ is a twin-lined non-conductive hydraulic hose that offers extreme flexibility due to a coiled design. The coiled design is self-retracting, which aids in ease of handling and storage.

HFSR Fire-Screen® Hybrid® Hose

Fire-Screen® compact hose resists kinking and core washout and meets SAE 100R1 requirements.

HFS2R Fire-Screen II® Hybrid® Hose

Lightweight Fire-Screen® II compact hose is offered in continuous long lengths and meets SAE 100R16 requirements.

573X/575X Fast Response Hose

Fast Response hose is designed for applications requiring fast and accurate response time.

2020N HOSE

2040N HOSE

2040H HOSE

2370H HOSE

2245N HOSE

2244N HOSE


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