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Hose Crimpers and Swagers

Parker offers the widest range of specialty hoses, tubes and fittings in the industry. Our products include low, medium and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic hose that is heat, ozone and weather resistant, chemical resistant, oil and flame resistant, UV resistant and abrasion resistant. Parker’s thermoplastic, fluoropolymer, metal, PVC and PTFE tubing offer the widest range of tubing solutions in the industry, and are manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of DOT, DIN, ISO, SAE and FDA standards.

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Fitting Push-On Stand

Parker's Fitting Push-On Stand quickly and easily pushes fittings onto hose. This stand eliminated the need for rubber mallets and oils to get fittings onto the end of the hose for crimping.

Ultra Clean Hose Cleaning Kit

Parker's Ultra Clean Hose Cleaning Kit is an essential part of your hose assembly process. Up to 80% of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminated oil. By removing internal hose contamination, it will help prevent failure and system.

Die Storage Rack

This Die Storage Rack from Parker is designed to hold small and large Parkrimp dies.

Crimper Hood

Parker's Crimper Hoods are ideal for protecting your Karrykrimp, Karrykrimp 2, Parkrimp, PHastkrimp, Superkrimp or Minikrimp.

Swivel Die Rack

Parker's Swivel Die Rack can hold up to 30 Parkrimp dies of any size. The rack can be stood on the floor or bench mounted.

Push-Lok Cut-Off & Assembly Tool

Parker's Push-Lok Cut-Off & Assembly Tool is designed for the assembly of Parker Push-Lok in sizes 1/4" through 3/4" I.D.

Hose Insertion Depth Blocks

Parker's Hose Insertion Depth Blocks are made for quick and easy marking of hose insertion depth.

Hose Perforator

Parker's Hose Perforator is a small hand tool used to prick minute holes in the rubber cover of a hose. It is typically used for gaseous applications where the pressure exceeds 250 psi.

Mandrel Tool Kit - 25 Series

This version of Parker's Mandrel Tool Kit is for assembly of Parker 25 Series field attachable fittings for use with 271 transporation hose.

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