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Tooling and Equipment for Hose and Tube Fittings

Parker's industry leading line of hose, tube and fitting products includes specialty solutions to meet customers' exact needs.

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Combination Inspection Gauge

This unique to Parker combination gauge has dual purpose. Use the Go/No Go portion (on one end) to check the tube insertion depth. Use the other end to check the space between the nut and body hex.

C-Ring Inspection Gauge

This compact C-Ring gap gauge is for imperial and metric sizes. It effectively checks the gap dimensions for correct initial make-up. All sizes can be combined on a key ring for easy handling.

Instrumentation Tube Cutter

Parker PTC tube cutter for 1/8” to 1-1/8” and 4mm to 28mm O.D. tubing

Instrumentation Tube Deburrer

Parker PTD Series inner-outer reaming and deburring Tool, for 3/16” to 1-1/2” O.D. Instrumentation grade tubing. This is complemented by Parker's range of tube fabricating equipment.

Preassembly Tool for Instrumentation Tube Fittings

How To Use: Slide nut and ferrule(s) onto tube. Set tube into presetting tool, and bottom tube against shoulder tool. Finger tighten the nut and then tighten the nut 1 turn with a wrench. Remove tube from tool. Advance the nut so it is finger-tight.

Instrumentation Tube Bender

Parker PTB heavy duty 180o tube bender with a unique indexing handle for 1/4” to 1/2” and 6mm to 12mm low pressure instrumentation grade tube.

Instrumentation Tube Marker

Put burnish marks on the tubing quickly and accurately with this easy-to-use tube marker. Also used to check the burnish mark position. (Good for the life of the fitting). Ensures correct tube depth insertion into the fitting body.

Liquid Leak Detector - PHinder Series

Parker's PHinder liquid leak detection provides the user the ability to easily find suspected leaks in industrial gas applications.

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