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Hydraulic Bender

Parker's hydraulic bender is capable of bending tube up to 2' and 50mm O.D., as well as pipe up to 1 1/2'.

Parker's hydraulic bender is capable of bending tube up to 2" and 50mm O.D., as well as pipe up to 1 1/2".

    Parker's hydraulic tube bender, HB632, is powered by 10,000 psi of pressure to bend steel and stainless steel tube up to 2” and 50mm O.D., and pipe up to 1 ½”. The hydraulic power, size capabilities and accurate bends make this draw bender a great choice for high production bending.

    • Construction
    • Military Ground Systems
    • Aerial Lift
    • Agriculture
    • Material Handling
    • Military Marine
    • Machine Tool
    • Transportation
    • Alternative Energy
    • Off-Shore/Oil & Gas

    • The clamp vise arm features a quick release speed screw for positioning the required clamp block.
    • The hydraulically actuated drive mechanism enables the operator to make bends up to 180° in one continuous smooth operation on tubing up to 2” in diameter.
    • An adjustable stop ensures the accuracy of bends by controlling the degree of the bend to a maximum of 180° and graduated in 1° increments.
    • Close second bends can also be performed in either direction.
    • Bends steel and stainless steel of tube in sizes 3/8” up to 2” and 10mm up to 50mm, as well as pipe in sizes 3/8” up to 1 ½”.

    • Bending metal tube for industrial and mobile applications

    Technical Characteristics:
    • Minimum components required with the HB32 bender are a hose assembly, hydraulic pump, and a radius slide and clamp block, which match the tube/pipe O.D. to be bent.
    • Radius blocks for 1 ¾” through 2” O.D. require an adapter plate.
    • The maximum bend angle is 180° with radii from 1 ¼” to 8”.
    • If mandrels are used, the HB632 hydraulic bender must be bolted to a table, and will also require the use of a mandrel rod and mandrel rod stop assembly which holds and supports the end of the mandrel rod in alignment with the tubing.
    • Requires a hydraulic pump which is sold separately.

Performance Characteristics

Size Range (mm)

10mm - 50mm

Size Range (inch)

3/8" - 1 1/2"



Tubing Material

Steel and Stainless Steel

Tube O.D. (inch)

3/8 to 2

Tube O.D. (mm)

10 to 50

Pipe O.D. (inch)

3/8 to 1 1/2

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