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Marine Filtration

Marine Fuel Filter Water Separator Turbine Series

Fuel filter water separator removes particulates and water from your fuel before they can damage precision engine components.

Fuel filter water separator removes particulates and water from your fuel before they can damage precision engine components.

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Fuel filter water separator removes particulates and water from your fuel before they can damage precision engine components.

The Racor Turbine Series is the most trusted fuel filtration water separator available in the market and the Parker global support and distribution network ensures that you can find our product where ever you are in the world.
The design and manufacturing team at Racor developed a unique engineered media that incorporates a graduated pore structure to increase the dirt holding capacity and extend filter life.
The waterproof, rustproof and dirtproof Aquabloc media undergoes a water repelling treatment process that simultaneously separates and coalesces, forming heavy water droplets that collect into the filter bowl.

The Racor Turbine series have a wide range of flow rates starting from 60 GPH on a single 500 Series up to 540 GPH on 1000 series installed in triplex.
Duplex and Triplex Turbine units offer mariners the peace-of-mind of having a clean filter in reserve. Rough seas can stir up tank sediment which will quickly clog a single fuel filter. With Racor Turbine Series, a simple turn of a valve puts a clean filter back on-line. Servicing of the clogged filter can then be performed even with the engine running.

Racor Turbine Series Elements:
Racor elements are available in different lengths for various flow rates and colour coded 2, 10 and 30 micron. The lower the micron rating the finer the filtration. Lower micron ratings should be considered when there is no additional downstream filtration. Ultimately, the micron rating preferred will be a function of fuel quality, operating climates and maintenance schedules.

Contamination either as particulate or water can cause considerable system damage such as:
• Water enter the system through condensation in the fuel tank
• Any water present will cause components to rust and ferrous material will then be apparent in the system causing erosion of valuable parts.
• Utilizing a Racor fuel filter prevents costly injector damage by the elimination of water and contaminants present in the fuel
• Engine components are protected when a fuel filter water separator is installed
• Any additional contaminants of free water will reduce the fuel efficiency and engine performance
• Not installing a Racor fuel filter water separator can lead to engine failure especially when you cannot be sure that the fuel is clean and dry
• Save time and money by eliminating unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime from system component failure by protecting your engine with a reliable Racor fuel filter water separator.

Marine Racor Turbine Series has the following features:
• 2, 10, 30 micron high efficiency water separating engineered media
• Long life elements with 98% efficiency
• Corrosion resistant construction
• UL Approved
• Drain valve or plug
• Available in single, double and triple assembly units
• Easy service as no tools are required
• Create a customized right sized solution for your application with the wide range of options available
• Genuine Racor product that has been extensively tested to OEM specifications

Marine Racor Turbine Series fuel filter water separators are specified and trusted by:-
• Super-yachts, motor yachts, powered watercraft and sailboats
• Fishing boats, tug boats and dredgers.
• Marine Chandlers and distribution channels
• Fuel tanks and fuel supply.
• Boat repair, service and refit


Performance Characteristics
Certifications Models that include an aluminium bowl or stainless steel meet ASTM FS1201 certification, are UL Listed, American Bureau of Shipping, Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, ISO 10088 and USCG accepted.
Maximum Working Pressure (psi) 15
Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 1.03
Material Power Coated Aluminium Alloy
Pressure Drop (psi) From 0.3 PSI to 2.5 PSI depending on your product selection.
Pressure Drop (bar) From 0.02 bar to 0.17 Bar depending on your product selection.
Element Type Top loaded element cartridge with Aquabloc media.
Markets Marine
Available Accessories Range of accessories and spare parts availble such as priming pump kits, replacement bowl kits. Please consult the catalogue.
Port size ••Inches: 500 Series = 3/4" - 16 SAE, 900 and 1000 Series = 7/8"-14 SEA
••mm: 500 Series =16mm x 1.5, 900 and 1000 Series = 22mm x 1.5
Replacement Element 2, 10 and 30 micron elements available.
Fluid Type Rated for Diesel fuel applications as standard, Please use the contact us information provided.
Overhead Clearance (inch) 500 Series = 4 Inch, 900 Series = 5 Inch and 1000 Series = 10 Inch
Overhead Clearance (mm) 500 Series =102mm, 900 Series = 127mm and 1000 Series = 254 mm
Typical Applications 30 micron elements recommended for primary applications, 10 micron for secondary applications and 2 micron for fine filter applications.
Custom Versions Available If you require specific customized options please use the contact us information provided.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F) 255 Depending on your selection
Maximum Ambient Temperature (C) 124 depending on your selection
Minimum Ambient Temperature (F) -40 depending on your selection
Minimum Ambient Temperature (C) -40 depending on your selection
Maximum Fuel Temperature (F) 190
Maximum Fuel Temperature (C) 88
Brand Racor

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