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Plastic and Fluoropolymer Tubing

PTFE Tubing – Industrial and Heavy Wall – Series 101

Parker PTFE tubing exhibits the highest temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance of all the fluoropolymer tubing available.

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Parker PTFE tubing exhibits the highest temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance of all the fluoropolymer tubing available.

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Parker manufactures PTFE tubing, the highest temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance of all the fluoropolymer tubing available, in standard industrial wall and heavy wall designs along with many custom sizes to application requirements. PTFE tubing is the best in temperature and chemical resistance Parker offers and is used in extreme environments. Within normal use temperatures, fluoropolymers are attacked by so few chemicals, it is easier to describe the exceptions, rather than list the chemicals with which fluoropolymers are compatible. These should never be used; Elemental Sodium, Elemental Potassium, and Elemental Lithium. (These Alkali metals remove fluorine from the polymer molecule) For a list of chemicals that should be used with caution contact your factory representative.

A PTFE tube has a non-stick surface that facilitates flow and eliminates media buildup. In many cases, it is used to replace glass, rubber and stainless steel because of its chemical and corrosion resistance. In equipment applications, the vibration damping properties of PTFE are excellent at both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies.

Standard Series 101 PTFE tubing is natural but it is also available with a conductive I.D. or as a fully conductive tube to reduce static discharge. Parflex customer service can help you with selection for custom designs, sizes or colors.

• Fluid Transfer
• Life Science
• Food and Beverage

• Resistant to extreme heat or cold (>-100F to +500F)
• Best chemical and corrosion resistance
• Best flex life of all fluoropolymer/fluoroplastic tubing
• Lowest coefficient of friction of all plastics for unrestricted flow and easy cleaning
• Non-wetting and non-leaching
• Odorless and tasteless makes it ideal for food and beverage applications
• Resists ultra-violet rays
• Self-extinguishing tubing

• Chemical/Corrosive applications
• Medical devices
• Analytical instruments
• Food/Beverage processing
• Printing/Marking equipment
• Cryogenic refrigeration systems
• Heat exchangers

• AMS 3653E
• FDA Compliant
• USP Class VI Compliant
• RoHs
• VW-1, UL-83

Technical Specifications:
• Use with Parker Compression, Compress-Align® and TrueSeal™ fittings
• Working and burst pressures rated at 73°F /23°C
• All dimensions are nominal
• Random lengths, continuous lengths available as a custom run


Performance Characteristics
Product Type PTFE Industrial Wall or PTFE Heavy Wall
Tube O.D. (inch) .094 - 1.100
Tube O.D. (mm) 2.4 - 28
Tube I.D. (inch) .031 - 1.000
Tube I.D. (mm) .79 - 25
Tube Wall Thickness (inch) .031 - .062
Tube Wall Thickness (mm) .79 - 1.57
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 40 - 390
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 3 - 27
Minimum Burst Pressure (psi) 200 - 1950
Minimum Burst Pressure (bar) 28 - 134
Minimum Bend Radius (inch) 1/2 - 18
Minimum Bend Radius (mm) 13- 457
Minimum Working Temperature (F) -450
Minimum Working Temperature (C) -268
Maximum Working Temperature (F) 500
Maximum Working Temperature (C) 260
Compatible Fittings Compression, Compression-Align®, Fast & Tite, TrueSeal™
Color Natural
Tubing Material PTFE
Industry Standards AMS 3653E; FDA Compliant; USP Class VI Compliant; RoHs; VW-1, UL-83
Tube Type Industrial Wall, Heavy Wall
Application Fluid Transfer, Food & Beverage, Gas Sampling, High Temperature Applications, Laboratory, Life Science, Heat Exchangers
Media Adhesives, Chemicals, Water
Style Smoothbore


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